Salisbury Beach Partnership & Green Stride Present....

The CHEAP Half Marathon! Only $1 / Kilometer!!!

June 17th! (Father's Day)

Don't forget about our 5k & 10k!

Presented by the Salisbury Beach Partnership & Green Stride Races

The 1st Annual CHEAP Half Marathon

The New England running community has so many great events to choose from throughout the year. We understand that costs for many these races tend to be on the higher side as the overall production budgets have increased. Here at Green Stride, we've decided to bring an event that strips down many of the expenses that organizers incur and focus on the essentials needed to produce a solid road race. By doing this, we pass the savings on to our participants and are proud to bring you The CHEAP Half Marathon.

For JUST $21.09 ($1/ kilometer) you can run a professionally organized race, with minimal bling to cut costs.

Pick your distance......5k, 10k, or the 13.1 miler!

Pertinent Race Details

5k Info

5k Info

3.109 mile enough for you? No problem. We got a race for you.
Run our 10k

Run our 10k

One of the fastest 10k's in Massachusetts.
Half Marathon Info

Half Marathon Info

We have a beautiful, USATF certified, FLAT, half marathon course at a price that cannot be resisted. Yes, there are aid stations and....

Check out our CHEAP Marathon on April 8th

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